Welcome to the Realms of Valor

Journey back through the ages to find yourself in the world of Arantha. Shadows lie heavy on the decimated lands as Man and Elf, Dwarf, Halfling and Gnome fight to build their lives anew from the aftermath of the Great War. The time is ripe for those who would seize opportunity and draw together the shattered fragments of power to forge new realms. New realms, the Realms of Valor.
In the eastern empire of Shalizan, the Lantar maintains a semblance of law and order. But underneath this frail surface lies the power struggles of the Council of Noble Houses, the push and pull of the pious temples and their followers, and the subversive efforts of the thieves' underworld. Join in the struggle for political power, or serve the Empire as best you can in her Legions. Gather converts to your deity's worship, and so garner influence for yourself.. or steal away the wealth of others, forcing the hands of the mighty from the shadows. Or strike out on your own, mastering blade and bow, unveiling the power of the arcane in the search for riches and glory. Even challenge dragons, if you dare!
The choice is yours.

Congrats to Trivia Quest winner Torin!

Many congratulations to our ultimate Trivia Quest winner, Torin of Vanar! He held off a strong challengar in Bleydh, only to emerge with the most questions answered by all of our participants. Torin also took home the grand prize by getting the Final Question correct, which involved knowing an obscure fact about L'lar the telka.

Thanks to all of our participating players, better luck next Trivia Quest night!

Welcome Adventurers!

Hail and welcome to the newly redesigned Arantha website!

Our intrepid webmaster Greendragon has been hard at work to bring you a brand new flavor for the new year. I speak of 2016 (yes, for real), the year of Arantha! We have updated our website; once you have created an account on the MUD you can use your login and password to connect and browse our new forums and access additional areas of the site. The MUD is up and running, simply telnet to arantha.net port 4000. And stay tuned for announcements on upcoming quests and events!

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